5 Mushroom Chocolate Companies Killing It Right Now


    Disclaimer: Psychedelics are predominantly illegal substances, and we do not condone or advocate for consumption of these substances where it is against the law. We recognize that there is a thriving underground market for mushroom chocolates, and have created this piece in the spirit of harm reduction. 

    This list isn’t meant to be a ranking system or an exhaustive compilation of all the mushroom chocolate brands floating around at the moment – there are dozens, if not hundreds, of quality mushroom chocolates currently on the underground market, as well as the above-board regulated psilocybin mushroom market in Jamaica and the psilocybin truffle market in the Netherlands. The following is a vetted list of a few of the reputable mushroom chocolate producers currently operating ethically and in alignment with responsible production and community interest standards.

    1. ROMS (@eat.roms on IG)

    ROMS is based in the greater Sacramento area. The strain ROMS uses in their chocolate was developed in-house by a multigenerational legacy cubensis cultivating family who taught the company founders how to cultivate. They use an Indian Orissa cross – the 2nd strain is a proprietary secret within the family.

    Everything is done in alignment with legacy cultivation standards and as consciously as possible; the substrate used is sourced from local dairies and pasteurized on site, grown in tubs (no single use plastics) and the cakes are then composted back to the earth at the end of the cycle. All of the active inputs are grown in Northern California, and have all of the packaging printed in the state.

    The chocolate is locally sourced as well. ROMS has a conscious focus on supporting local business and doing as much as possible within their community. They’ve sponsored everything from local MMA fighter and UFC prospect Jack Duffy, to food and clothing drives for the unhoused population in the greater Sacramento area, to providing their products for the @gatewaycomedy show, in addition to being involved in countless local cannabis events.

    2. Humboldt Mycology (@humboldt_mycology on IG)

    This is one of my favorite mushroom chocolates I’ve ever tried for a number of different reasons – primarily, the consistency and quality of the product and the heart-centered and service-minded attitude driving the company. Humboldt Mycology mushroom chocolate is beloved by many in the Northern California region and beyond, where it can be found floating around various concerts, conferences and festivals, and live music events in the Arcata area. The bars feature 2 grams fruiting body mushrooms total per bar, which is a nice contrast to some of the stronger 4 G and 6 G offerings out there. The chocolate itself is produced by a multi-generational confectionary making family in the Midwest, and the mushrooms used are cultivated by a well-known activist and credentialed scientist with an academic and professional background in analytical chemistry and the agricultural industry. Humboldt mycology also frequently donates to philanthropic causes such as veterans access programs and music and arts initiatives.

    3. Woosah (@woosah__ on IG)

    Woosah is a widely respected and reputable mushroom chocolate company based in the Bay Area. They bring a whole lot of soul into the game, and are actively involved in the IRL entheogenic community in their area. It says a lot for a person to show up and involve themselves in the various conferences and events that are happening offline – being connected to a community and to a mission bigger than oneself is a great vantage point from which to produce mushroom chocolate. The brand also produces a range of other products under the same umbrella.


    4. Mycoday 

    This functional mushroom chocolate brand was incubated in Chiapas, Mexico, where multigenerational cacao farmers maintain biodiverse shade grown cacao plantations the same way their ancestors did thousands of years ago in the region. Mycoday mushroom chocolate sources fruiting body extracts from a third-party lab tested industry-best source and hand makes each bar in house currently. The bars have popped up at conferences and festivals such as Telluride Mushroom Festival, Meet Delic in Las Vegas, Cannadelic in Miami, and the Mycopreneur Incubator.

    5. Neautropics (@neutropics on IG)

    This mushroom chocolate has popped up all over the place and comes in bold and imaginative flavors such as Mazapan Horchata, Ube Crunch, Matcha, Peppermint Bark, and Strawberry shortcake. The bars contain 6 grams of fruiting body mushrooms, ranking them as one of the more potent offerings currently available.

    The market for underground mushroom chocolate brands is more robust than it’s ever been, and new chocolates are getting rolled out all the time. The mushroom chocolates referenced here are a drop in the bucket of the myco chocolate landscape, but I’ve found them to be trustworthy and bankable brands. I don’t condone anyone doing anything illegal, but I believe it’s worthwhile to educate people about some of the companies responsibly producing mushroom chocolate in the interest of the public good.