MAPS Seeking $20 Million for Block of Suites in Abu Dhabi


    MAPS, the infamous foundation that baits and switches philanthropic donations into for-profit pharmaceutical missions, has announced that they are in dire need of $20 million to secure a block of suites in the Emirates Palace while in Abu Dhabi spreading the gospel of MDMA.

    “These trips to Davos, SXSW, and now Abu Dhabi really add up quick” says Rick Doblin, head moneygrabber at MAPS.

    “If we don’t book out the suites, we will be considered second class citizens by the Sheikhs we’re trying to persuade to fund our bifurcation into another Non-profit / PBC situation that we definitely won’t corporatize in hypocritical fashion this time around.

    As George W. Bush, another conservative warmonger we hope to sell out a portion of the psychedelic renaissance to famously says – ‘Fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice – won’t get fooled again.’ ”

    Doblin was last spotted enjoying a pineapple hookah at the marina front al fresco dining promenade adjacent to the palace, so the funding likely came through.