Compass Pathways Announces That They’re Getting Closer to Maybe Hopefully Doing What Indigenous Cultures Have Been Doing For Thousands of Years


Compass Pathways, a leading pharmaceutical company in the psychedelic industry, has announced that they are hot on the heels of the millennia old traditions of various indigenous cultures around the globe.

“We are *this close* to engineering novel solutions for treatment-resistant depression with our patented psilocybin analogue derived from yeast” said a spokesperson for the company.

“The difference between our psilocybin treatment for depression and what indigenous cultures have been doing since time immemorial is that our approach is integrated into the for-profit healthcare system that is currently failing tens of millions of Americans. Also, indigenous cultures don’t use psilocybin to treat depression because treatment-resistant depression is largely restricted to industrialized and capitalism-driven economies. So what we do is completely different than what they do, it just happens to pivot around the same molecule.”

When asked how psilocybin would revolutionize mental health treatments without addressing underlying factors such as social determinants and climate justice, the spokesperson handed me a coupon for a free psilocybin session to be redeemed in 2027 after legal access is made available to anyone employed by a Fortune 500 company.