Mycopreneur Mixtape Volume One: Music For Psychonauts


The ‘Psychedelic Renaissance’ has burst onto the world stage, but people keep forgetting  to tag the musicians.

Long before ivory towered researchers and media-courting royals became household names in psychedelia, musicians and artists were the original initiates and torch bearers of the psychedelic experience. They are the ones who venture into the liminal wilds of creative ecstasy and transmute the ineffable into the relatable.

This legacy of psychedelic artistic expression continues unbroken since time immemorial, and is stewarded over today by a new generation of musical artists actively shaping the sonic architecture upholding the psychedelic renaissance.

This is a peek behind the veil of some of some of their work, with statements from each artist about the particular songs they chose to include in Mycopreneur Mixtape Volume One.

Artist: Brogan Bentley

Song: Monarch

“I heard this music in a dream. The song was fully formed, already.  In the dream, a monarch butterfly flew into my mouth and sang me the melody. It took place in a Parisian roller disco. My friend Uppy was with me in the dream so I mentioned it to her via text message the next day. She told me that she was in Paris. We collaborated remotely and it’s her vocals you hear on the finished song. Music comes to me through astral and dream realms. Prophetic dreaming, clairaudience and psychic realities are all a part of the higher consciousness we have the ability to access when we raise our frequencies through intentional practices. The spiritual dimensions await our interfacing. All they ask is that we are willing to surrender resistance and trust; a fundamental teaching of the entheogens and sacred molecules.”

Artist: Nutritious

Song: Ket

“Ket is the second song on Divinity, and channels the experience of astral travel provided by dissociative anesthetics like its namesake. The looping baritone vocal is inner consciousness calling on itself to travel deeper and deeper into this often unexplored, completely vast space full of beauty and possibilities. The song itself was inspired by particular experiences where I’ve floated and traveled between objects, planets, and portals in space and the full sensory recall of those often several hour long trips.

The purpose of Divinity is to push forward the awareness that entheogens are more than just healing medicines. They exist to help us reclaim our connection to the divine — to our cosmic, infinite, supernatural, g-dlike nature.”


Artist: D’rok the Menace

Song: Blissings Down (528 HZ)

“Blissings Down (528 HZ) is about being an open, healed vessel to receive abundance from the universe. Rain is always spoke of in a negative way, so I flipped the script because to me rain is healing. Rain represents the relationship between me and the universe. It lets me know the prayers I send up are being heard. I’m being showered with abundance.

I make music first for myself, for my healing. It’s one of the best ways for me to observe and be accountable for self. Second I make music to elevate the collective of the all. I make psychedelic hiphop for everyone but specifically for people that come from my walk of life. I want people who identify with me to see that there’s  another way. People living fast life in the streets,  people living their life through the Lens of trauma and depression. I make life music that happens to be psychedelic, because psychedelics and meditation saved my life and helped put me on a better path. Through my expression I always aim to give an authentic experience with raw truth, while still conveying the beauty in the fact that life is happening for you not to you.”
“During the height of the pandemic, I remember being isolated when my friend Andrew Charles Edman and I began collaborating on ambient/experimental livestream events, creating and filming this set for our Imbue Detroit series. With everything that was going on, it was a difficult time, and I found solace in medicine work. Psychedelics, coupled with music, allowed me to find peace amidst the chaos of quarantine.

Crafting sets during this time was incredibly cathartic for me. It was a way to find a sense of normalcy amidst the turmoil of the pandemic. Both music and psychedelics hold a special place in my heart as they help me to heal and gain a deeper understanding of myself. It’s amazing to see how the two practices complement each other, and to share that experience with others who may be struggling to find their own sense of ease during challenging times.”

Artist: Kukuni
Song: Forever

“For ‘Forever’, I really tried to describe that numinous space of Full Presence. Whether under the influence of meditation, prayer or other substances, tapping into The Now just feels good. A lot of my personal psychedelic insights and revelations have been centered around accepting the current moment — judgment-free, gelling and peaceful. This song sits in that dreamy state of consciousness between reality  and everything else:

‘When you’re in it, man it feels like a dream’ –

It being the moment, forever, eternity. Hold on to those moments of presence and awareness, because the tide of life has a way of catching you off guard!”