PTA Meeting Turns Lit When Parents Find Out Everyone Else Is Microdosing Too


The Parent Teacher Association of Casillas Catholic Elementary School in Rolling Hills, California had a cathartic breakthrough when board member Sheri Doobskys confided in the group that she was 3 weeks into a microdosing protocol and had Microdosed shortly before the meeting began.

One by one, the parents each stepped up to let Sheri know that she was not alone, and that microdosing is where it’s at.

The PTA meeting immediately popped off at an unprecedented level, with everyone in favor of tossing the proposed agenda and doing arts and crafts and trauma bonding instead.

“I’ve found my people” commented Sheri –

“Before, I used to merely tolerate some of the stronger personalities in the PTA – but now that I know we’re all riding this microdosing wave together, and that everyone’s really bout that life, we’ve put aside our differences of opinion and connected over our mutual love of extremely small and generally sub-perceptual doses of psilocybin mushrooms – even though no one can really agree on what a microdose actually is.”

Since word got out about the microdosing PTA, membership demand has been soaring and parents that generally weren’t very involved in school functions before are coming out of the woodwork to participate.