Psychedelic Renaissance Canceled After It Turns Out It’s Just Pure Colonialism


The ‘Psychedelic Renaissance’, a movement once so full of promise and hope, has been officially canceled after several of its corporate ringleaders finally ate a proper dose of mushrooms in a ceremonial setting with a Mazatec Curandera in Oaxaca, Mexico.

“This whole time, we legitimately thought we were working towards alleviating the mental health crisis. Then we realized that the root causes of depression, addiction and PTSD, etc. are actually derived from social and environmental determinants that the so-called ‘psychedelic renaissance’ conveniently marginalizes for economic gain” said one of the former corporadelic executives.

“It literally only took one properly conducted mushroom ceremony by a native healer to recognize that indigenous perspectives should be centered in the so called ‘psychedelic renaissance’ ” said the former executive.

“I’ve redefined my understanding of monetary value to include a much broader set of principles than the typical corporate obsession with infinite economic growth and purchasing power. My main goal is now to enrich my community and the environment that supports us” said the executive, who spoke on condition of anonymity since they still low-key want to make fat stacks.

“The Psychedelic Renaissance is all smoke and mirrors – buyer beware.”