Microdosing Mom Receives Surprise Macrodose From Family For Mother’s Day


Moms all over the country are celebrating Mothers Day in style this year by adding a dash of psilocybin mushrooms to their special day.

For a number of these courageous women, Mother’s Day has taken on a whole new vibe thanks to the generosity and support of their families.

“Ever since mom started microdosing, she’s been fully present and engaged as a parent” said Jess Boomington, an 8-year-old who knows more about psilocybin mushrooms than most Law enforcement officers thanks to her moms proclivity for taking profoundly minuscule amounts of mushrooms that supposedly have some kind of positive effect on people in such trace amounts.

“We wanted to honor and recognize this new psychedelic era that mom has entered, and let her know it’s okay to do a full send today. We want her to earnestly and intentionally explore her consciousness, because cognitive liberty is her inalienable right as ordained by nature” continued Jess, who has a big ass vocabulary for an 8-year-old.

“This macrodose is for all of us” says the lucky mom’s non-monagmous partner Moondawg that she met at Envision Festival in Costa Rica this past March.

“While microdosing is a wonderful way to dip your toes into the world of psychedelics, it ultimately arguably serves to further entrench the dominant tropes that underpin late stage capitalist social hierarchies and power dynamics. We want to give mom the opportunity to deconstruct that narrative, and see whether or not she wants to continue serving it.”