Lex Fridman Bores the Shit out of Entities During Amazon Ayahuasca Trip


    Popular podcaster and unintentional possessor of the cure for insomnia Lex Fridman has just returned from his trip deep into the remote Amazon jungle of Brazil.

    Between bouts of malaria and catatonia, Fridman managed to shoot influencer content in a three-piece suit wildly unsuited for the terrain in which he was operating. Fridman is no stranger to being unsuitable in the position he occupies given his nepotistic academic origins as an undergrad studying at the university his father taught at and subsequent coddling, ultimately arriving at podcasting fame for reasons which are still unclear.

    “I put the OP in Psyop” says Fridman as he guzzles down another brew of Brujo juice in a staged ritual being recorded from nine different angles for internet clout. I get the coolest interviews and opportunities on the planet thanks to my friends in the alphabet agencies, and then I do a subpar job and post about it online.” says Fridman, who after his recent bout with ayahuasca is now considering spelling his surname “Friedman”.

    It’s reported that Fridman drank 9 cups of ayahuasca during a ceremony organized by Mossad, and that his deficit in personality extended into the spiritual plane. The trip was cut short after 2 hours after all the entities, angels, elves, and aliens in the void all collectively avoided Fridman.

    Fridman is undeterred that fuck bois everywhere will be enamored of his Amazonian ayahuasca experiences.

    “As the beneficiary of every imaginable unearned hookup and undue recognition in the world, my body of work deeply resonates with academics and wannabe thought leaders who place highly on the Dunning-Kruger scale.”

    This lack of legitimacy outside the ivory tower of academia extends perfectly to another “me too!” segment on psychedelics, the popular way of reporting on them in 21st century western civilization.

    “It’s almost as if my unearned clout makes me the perfect candidate for the Johnny-Come-Lately style of reporting on psychedelics that tends to stick in the popular imagination of western society; I join trailblazers like Andrew Huberman, Aaron Rogers, Will Smith, and a bunch of other pop culture figures who leverage their platforms built entirely outside the realm of psychedelics to comment voyeuristically on a phenomenon that we ignored for decades but decided to capitalize upon when it became convenient for us.”

    When asked how Fridman plans to report on his ayahuasca experience, he blew a fat hit of tobacco in the reporters faces and started humming an Icaro in an off-pitch voice reminiscent of every backpacking bro who’s ever slammed a cup of la Madre Medicina in Witches Alley of Iquitos.