Coronation Celebration Continues With Royal Visit to Mushroom Kingdom


King Charles lll and Queen Camilla are continuing their coronation ceremony in grand fashion with a royal visit to the mushroom kingdom scheduled for the evening of Sunday, May 7th.

“Our prodigal son Harry has shown us that it is possible for even us royals to experience the agape love and transcendental ecstasy of universal oneness as found in mushroom consciousness. Camilla and I are excited to explore the possibilities here, and look forward to formally integrating the power of mushrooms into the scope of the British monarchy. It’s our understanding that mushrooms also colonize everything they come into contact with, so this feels like a natural partnership.”

When asked whether or not Harry and Meghan would be reuniting with their estranged family for the visit to the mushroom kingdom, Queen Camilla looked hopeful.

“If anything can help us find common ground, it’s probably sitting with the medicine together and doing intense shadow work as a family. Our family has some really gnarly shadow energies that need to be reckoned with, so I suppose today is as good a day as any to dive deep together.”