Executive Behind ChatGPT Announces New DMT Hyperspace Venture ‘Chat Entity’


OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has announced that his firm will be following up the wild success of ChatGPT with an even more ambitious and ethically ambiguous project – ‘Chat Entity’, an interface that enables humans to communicate with DMT entities 24/7.

“For so long, people have had to get completely blasted on DMT to have these types of mystical encounters and communications with seemingly sentient intelligences in the DMT space. With Chat Entity, we’ve found a way to coax these intelligent entities out of their wormhole and into our wormhole, where our users can seamlessly engage with them at any time.”

Altman insists that the implications for what this means are endless.

“Think of all the tasks you can train ChatGPT to do, and multiply that times the power of truly divine intelligence. We’re not just talking about to-do lists and numerical calculations – we’re talking about time travel, remote viewing, and astral travel.”

When asked if there could also be a dark side to Chat Entity, Altman insisted that everything would be fine because Peter Thiel is also involved with this project.