Psychedelic Satire in the UK


    Greetings Myconauts,

    I recently did an interview with the sharp-witted Oli Genn-Bash, Co-Founder of UK Psychedelic Comedy. This merry band of rogues has hosted a number of events infusing laughter and levity into the psychedelic conversation, and continue to be torch-bearers in this hugely valuable and often underserved intersection of influences.

    We talked about the differences between the psychedelic communities in the U.S. and U.K., as well as compared and contrasted the sense of humor between the two. We agreed that the psychedelic movement in the U.S. is decidedly more developed and well-publicized than its burgeoning counterpart in the UK, but thanks to the tireless efforts of groups like UK Psychedelic Comedy, Breaking Convention, Psilocybin Rights Access (PAR), and more, the ecosystem is rapidly evolving on the other side of the pond.

    We examine the cultural differences between the original British version of The Office and the U.S. adaptation that ran for 9 seasons, and talk about British satirists Sasha Baron Cohen and Russel Brand as mavericks of the art form in their own native British habitat.

    This conversation covers a lot of ground, and I hope you enjoy it and hit Oli and me up with some feedback after you get a chance to listen to it.