The Booming Legal Entheogen Market


    The market for ‘legal entheogens’ is booming.

    As the psychedelic renaissance has spread to the far corners of civilization and kicked public interest in plant and fungi magic to an all-time high, a growing body of fully legal herbal supplements with similar alkaloid profiles to popular yet criminalized substances is making it’s way to a pop up market or online shop near you.

    One of the fastest growing ‘legal entheogens’ that’s finding a growing market in the United States is Kanna.

    Mesembryanthemum tortuosum, popularly known as ‘Kanna’, has exploded in popularity over the last year or so.

    Speaking as someone who has been deeply interested and devoted to the emerging global entheogenic ecosystem for almost two decades, I’d somehow never heard of Kanna until a few months ago.

    I’ve had a chance to try multiple forms of Kanna over the last few months. The different delivery mechanisms I’ve tried include 50 milligram extract gummies, a nasal spray containing 1000 milligrams which is labeled to suggest 1-2 sprays recommended dosage, and in tincture form.

    My handful of experiences with the extract have yielded a warm body high and elevated social experience, which may explain why Kanna is often described as ‘legal, plant-based MDMA’.

    Robert Lattig, Founder and Owner of high-potency, third-party lab tested and legally compliant Kanna retailers Healing Herbals and Entheogenic Emporium, states that “Kanna has a highly unique alkaloid profile, making it a versatile plant medicine with effects that can range from relaxing to stimulating depending on the dosage. It’s a natural party alternative.”

    Alkaloid are a class of basic, naturally occurring organic compounds which typically can have a number of physiological effects tied to their consumption, including but not limited to antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, local anesthetic, hypnotic, psychotropic, and antitumor activity. Many of the traditional plant medicines used by various cultures around the world are alkaloid containing plants that have now made their way into the global marketplace and as an additive to various branded consumables.

    Littig adds that “Kanna is a great legal supplement that can be used for microdosing because of its entactogen / empathogenic effects. It can work in substitute for microdosing with very similar effects but without any worry of legal repercussions.”

    We’ve got a new podcast together out today that dives into this market for legal entheogens, including some of the lesser known plant extracts that are starting to make a splash on the scene. Check it out below and share with friends!


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